Our Stock of the Week is Ocular Therapeutics (OCUL). OCUL develops therapies and drugs for the treatment of eye diseases and conditions. Ocular is using its hydrogel delivery platform, which allows various drugs to be released into the eye over time to treat various eyes condition

OCUL currently has two launched medicines ReSure is a biologically degradable sealant following corneal incision that is convenient because it doesn’t have to be removed.  Dextenza is an insert for the treatment of ocular inflammation and pain after eye surgery.

On February 11, OCUL presented the 10-month data for its Phase 1 trial that assesses the efficacy/safety of OTX-TKI in patients suffering wet-AMD, diabetic retinopathy, and other retinal diseases. The results were safe and robust, and the stock responded with a sharp move higher.

OCUL is scheduled to meet with the FDA to discuss further development, and that is the most likable catalyst for a move out of the current trading range. The company is scheduled to report earnings on Monday, March 6, after the close.

Technically the stock has formed a cup-and-handle pattern over the past six months or so and also has a trading range that has developed over the past few weeks. We are looking for a move out of the trading range to attract breakout buys.

As always, we will not chase strength on Monday morning but will look to aggressively trade into the reaction following the news on Monday night.

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