About Us

SharkInvesting.com, is the premier online destination for serious, sophisticated, and self-directed investors who wish to learn how to use their small size and flexibility to produce exceptional investing results.

In addition to providing education, training and market insight, SharkInvesting.com helps investors identify investment opportunities with high profit potential.

SharkInvesting.com was established in April of 1999 as an extension and continuation of the America Online Shark Tank, which was one of the first sites on the internet dedicated to individual investors interested in taking control of their own financial success in the stock market. Its founder James “RevShark” DePorre is a pioneer and leader in the online trading business.

Shark Investing currently has two subscriber services, Shark Investing Pro and Shark Platinum.

Shark InvestingĀ PRO

Shark Investing Pro is a unique, interactive educational subscriber service.


  • The Lagoon (Message Board) – Regarded as one of the most valuable areas within SharkInvesting.com. Swim along as professional traders from Shark HQ moderate threads and interact with subscribers each and every day.
  • RevShark’s Strategy Journal – Intraday market commentary from RevShark providing insight into what is driving the market and how to apply Shark Investing principles to a constantly changing market environment.
  • Shark Alerts – Real-timeĀ alerts delivered straight to the Shark Investing community.
  • Shark Technical Newsletter – Delivered at the end of every trading session, the Shark Technical Newsletter highlights specific names that are high on RevShark’s trading radar for the following session. We do the homework, you reap the rewards.
  • Shark Stock Watch – Delivered in a multimedia format, this is Rev’s personal trading watch list, updated each day. These are stocks being evaluated for potential trading opportunities. See what the Rev is looking at on a daily basis.

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Shark Platinum

Shark Platinum is our premier level subscription service. In addition to all of the features and benefits included in Shark Investing Pro, Shark Platinum includes the Shark Tank, a chat room designed for the professional trader looking for a constant flow of commentary, insights and stock ideas throughout the trading day.


  • Shark Tank – Chat with RevShark, Lizard King, Shark BioTech’s Dan Rosenblum, and other professionals throughout the trading day in a world-class double-paned, moderated real-time chat room.

Shark Investing is for educational purposes only and any mention of a stock should never be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell. Investors should always gather further information prior to making any investments.