Our Stock of the Week is Dole PLC (DOLE). DOLE is a global leader in fresh produce. It grows, markets, and distributes a variety of fresh produce around the world.

The stock has been a solid performer for a while and even pays a 2.8% dividend. Last week the company announced a significant deal that should take it to a new level.  

On January 31, the company announced that it is selling its Fresh Vegetable Division to a subsidiary of Chiquita Holdings for $293 million in cash. The division has been losing money, and without this overhang, there should be a significant surge in EBITDA. In addition, the company will also reduce debt. This move should be highly accretive as it will both boost earnings and reduce the carrying cost of debt.

Deutsche Bank increased its price target to $17 for the stock following the news. Goldman Sachs also covers the stock but has not yet updated its current target of $16. At the current price, these targets offer about a 40% return

Technically the stock gapped higher on the news and is now sitting in a trading range. We are looking to accumulate additional shares as it bounces around as the market figures out the value here. The quarterly dividend of $0.08 is a nice kicker as well.

The company does not expect to announce earnings until March 14, but we expect to see forward guidance increase at that time and expect to see accumulation before the news.

As always, we would not chase the stock but will look to take advantage of volatility. 

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