Our Stock of the Wee is Crocs, Inc (CROX). The unattractive, plastic shoe has been around for a long time, but sales are exploding, and they have some ‘fad’ appeal. Last summer, a fried chicken-themed clog sold out in 30 minutes, and various collaborations are attracting attention.

The company has had a number of blow-out earnings reports recently.  Revenues were up 93% in the June quarter and 73% in the September quarter.  The stock hit a new all-time high of over $180 in November but fell sharply in the weak retail environment since there.

On Friday, the company announced a huge acquisition of HeyDude shoes for $2.5 billion. The company’s market cap is around $7.2 billion, so this is a huge deal to digest, and it made the market nervous.  The stock dropped over 11% on the news.

Although the market reaction was negative, analysts were generally very positive and suggested that the stock was a buy on the weakness. Baird, Piper, Stifel, Riley, and Crespi all called the stock a buy on weakness. Some raised estimates for 2022 and beyond.

We feel that current market conditions caused the sell-off and that the stock should quickly find support.  There are currently six recommendations with an average target price of around $191 but there are some adjustments to that.

As always, we would not chase the open on Monday morning but will be looking to aggressively trade either on a lower volume pullback or a high-volume breakout.

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