Our Stock of the Week is Marin Software (MRIN). MRIN provides a cloud-based platform that allows for measurement of marketing and advertising across the Amazon, Google, and Facebook platforms.  This allows customers to use marketing dollars far more effectively.

Google gave the company a shot of credibility when it recently entered into a contract that should provide quarterly revenues through September 2021. The deal also appears to eliminate the need to raise additional capital.

The stock shot substantially higher in December on the Google contract news but then pulled back on a large sale by an institutional holder. The stock has been stabilizing in the $5-6 area and had a thrust higher last Thursday.

As always we would not chase the stock higher on Monday but would look for either a low volume pullback toward $5 or a higher volume move through $7 to signal an entry point.  We would use the $5 level as a stop loss point.

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