Our Stock of the Week is Stitch Fix (SFIX). SFIX operates an online personal style shopping service for apparel, shoes and accessories that are choses for the shopper and delivered to their home.  Client’s provide information about fix, style, price, etc and SFIX uses algorithms to choose the rightr products.  There is a $20 styling fee.

The Stock IPO’ed at $15 November and took off in early June after posting a strong quarter and guidance.  The stock moved higher later in June on rumors that Oprah was taking a stake but that was denied by a representative.

The stock has been forming a new base between $32 and $34 and we are looking for another move over $34 to bring in momentum traders.

The stock has an aggressive valuation and needs a strong market to help it move. As always we would not chase the open on Monday morning but would look for a surge on increased volume to suggest that speculative interest is building.


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