Our Stock of the Week is Dryships (DRYS). DRYS operates a fleet of 35 dry bulk carriers that transport mostly dry bulk, crude, and liquefied natural gas.

DRYS has been a controversial stock with a huge number of reverse splits over the years and some questionable managerial action by its controlling shareholder, George Economou, but management has made efforts recently to clean up its balance sheet and has completed a buyback program and started another.

DRYS recently announced earnings of $0.12 versus a loss in the prior year and revenue growth of $49.6 million year-over-year. Recent trade issues have had a positive impact on shippers as China develops new trade partners. The LNG area has been particularly strong, and the sale of soybeans to China recently may be helpful.

DRYS has been forming a positive chart and has shown good relative strength in the recent corrective action. It was up nicely in a weak market on Friday and close over the $6 level could attract attention. We are looking for it to exceed the downtrend line and make a move on the $6.25 area.

As always we would not chase the stock on Monday morning but would look for an entry on a strong close and good volume. The key here is the good relative strength, and as long as it holds the $5.75 area, it will be in healthy technical shape.

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