Our Stock of the Week is Flexion Therapeutics (FLXN). FLXN develops pain therapies for the treatment of osteoarthritis which impacts joints.  There are many treatments for joint pain but the advantage of FLXN is that it is not an opioid. 

The company plans to manufacture and market its drug directly which is a difficult task but can prove much more profitable in the long run. This has helped to keep the stock pinned down despite positive product news and good progress with the FDA

Last week the stock turned up slightly and looks like it is going to try to come out of the long base that has been forming since November.  Technically a move over the $27 level on increased volume should bring in breakout buyers. The stock has made a few stabs at higher highs but has not been able to sustain a move.

As always we would not chase the stock higher on Monday morning but would look for a either a strong close on big volume or a shallow pullback on lighter volume for entry points. 

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