Earnings season in well under way, and while there have been a few notable stumbles (see GE and GOOGL) for the most part, the reports have been pretty okay. The indices were stubbornly strong in early July, and the bulls are relieved that their continued faith the the “buy the dip” trade has once again been rewarded.

Of course, it certainly doesn’t hurt that Janet Yellen and her cohort of raisin oatmeal cookie-toting economists have softened some of their hawkish rhetoric lately. Pundits can argue about valuations and expectations all they like, but despite all the talk about the Fed’s plans to unwind their balance sheet, the fact is that the central banks are still basically market-friendly.

We’ve got some more big reports this week, and then the more tertiary names start reporting. That’s where we like to look for new earnings winners, so if you’ve been thinking about checking out our free 30-day trial of Shark Investing Pro, now’s a good time. Meanwhile, we continue to dig through the charts, identifying high-odds chart set-ups for our community.

Here are a few for you to check out today.





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