If you’ve ever read any of our content, then you’ve probably heard us yammer on about respecting the pricing action rather than trying to predict what the market might do. Given the nature of the persistent upside action over the past several years, “sticking with the trend” doesn’t provide a particularly stunning insight, but it’s always much harder than it sounds. It’s never easy to stay focused on what the market is actually doing and simply stick with that. What makes things doubly challenging for active market participants is the recent spate of exceedingly low volatility.

Such conditions may not be unheard of, but they’re infrequent enough to make investors of every ilk wonder if something’s wrong. Still, although it’s exceedingly easy to find reasons why this action can’t last, the evidence we have now is the same evidence we’ve had for months, which is that the broader market profile continues to favor the bulls.

At some point, things will change, and the evidence will support a more bearish outlook, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Let’s take a look at some charts.




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